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*black couple living in a haunted house*

wife: the house haunted

husband: we out this bitch

*everybody lives*


Captain America, drawn in PS.

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yes adventure time. explain colonialism and racial imperialism to children and high niggas.

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Whedonverse Appreciation | Winifred Burkle
 - [1/6] Quotes

A Hole In The World



an ancient and terrible curse.

Oglaf makes my fucking life better.

Characters with the most kills at the end of season 4.

Runners up are The Governor, Hershel, Merle, T-Dog and Bob.

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1. Sometimes you’ll be like, “HEY EVERYONE LET’S DO SUSHI AND DRINKS AND FUN STUFF TOMORROW NIGHT!” but then tomorrow night comes and you regret everything as you try to weasel your way out of plans that you created. You resent 24-Hours-Ago-You for being so enthusiastic.



Can someone put Simon in a blanket fort please thank you.


Countdown to Defiance Season 2 Meme
  ↳ Three Relationships (1/3)

Irisa & Nolan